Monday, February 28, 2011


Last man standing against the "West"...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A scheme which has been declared previously

Some Libyan Cities Exposed Since Last Tuesday to Sabotage and Burning and Scores of Foreign Network Elements Trained to Destabilize Libya's Security and its National Unity.............First and last addendum

Tripoli : 19. 2. 2011 / 22. 2. 2011

These sources said that investigations are going on with the elements of this network which seems to be linked with a scheme which has been declared previously by Israeli general ( Amos Yadeen ) the former chief of Israeli Military Intelligence about the success of this body to implant spying cells in Libya , Tunisia , Morocco , Sudan , Egypt , Lebanon and Iran .
The former Chief of Israeli Military Intelligence said : '' The activities of these networks target components of these countries, adding that , these networks were actually able to provide us with what we want and that they are capable of negative influence on the situations in Libya , Tunisia , and Morocco , after the big achievement made in Iraq , Yemen , and Sudan , and very shortly in Lebanon ".
About Egypt, the Israeli General confirmed that our planed scheme since 1979 has succeeded in creating political, economic , security and military break through .
He went on to say : '' We have succeeded in stirring up tension and social and sectarian congestion to create a state of permanent division inside the Egyptian state and society ''.
( In Sudan, we have linked a sea route to finance separation forces in southern Sudan and we set up a n intelligence body to help them in realizing their project of establishing a state in the South and we have deployed other networks in the south and in Darfur capable of working endlessly).
/ JANA /

Jamhiriya News Agency; before going offline this evening.


- is the last man standing.

"West" will wake up to the fact in 18 months. There go the Islamist Emirates. The states are going down, and "West" will find itself in a world with no boundaries, evoked by its dimension.

Monday, February 21, 2011


...but there is none. All will be over shortly.