Friday, August 29, 2008

Nicht die Liebe lohnt der Mühe...

Nicht die Liebe lohnt der Mühe, wohl aber ihr Umfeld...

Die unterdrückte Liebe erhellt die Natur der Liebe weit mehr als die gelebte Liebe. Jungfräulichkeit kann der Schlüssel zu einem tieferen Verstehen sein. Handeln lohnt, aber verwirrt.

Besitzen heisst besessen sein und sich deshalb verlieren.

Nur die Vorstellung erlangt, ohne Schaden zunehmen, die Kenntnis der Wirklichkeit.

(Fernando Pessoa)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

National Anarchism and National Socialism

A long overdue separating definition of National Anarchism has been published by Bay Area National Anarchists from California. It is significant that separating from reaction opens new ways of thinking, and the mind of people seeking the change should finally leave the well-used paths that the system wants us to walk.

This article is meant to be a quick examination of National Anarchism and neo-nazism. National Anarchism is an anti-nazi ideology. By anti-nazi we mean that we are opposed to reenacting the form and practice of National Socialist demagogue's as espoused by the German Third Reich and their modern adherents.

We believe that posturing political opinions based on prominent figures in previous decades obscures the real issues effecting our people and furthermore hides those issues behind a mirage of history that gets us nowhere closer to achieving our goals.

For example, if the nazis of the master race really cared about their own people they wouldn't aspire to the undermensch (under-men or subhuman) level of behavior that generally characterizes what they are supposed to be against.

The litmus test of whither a political movement has any relevancy to the people they address is if they represent that communities interests in the best possible way with the resources they have. Hizbollah does this. Hamas does this. al-Sadr does this.

Frank Collins (Cohen) does not. George Lincoln Rockwell does not. William Piece does not. Kevin Strom does not. But to be fair even the anarchist movement doesn't do this.

We also believe that nazis that dress up in brown shirt uniforms and swastikas can have no positive role to play in the future of white communities. National Socialism remains an essentially 20th century outlook on life that does not have any solutions for the pressing ethnic, social, and economic problems of our time. We encourage white people in all sincerity who have been influenced by National Socialism or inspired by the Third Reich to embrace race positive philosophies so as to not base their passion for their own culture on an all consuming psychopathic hatred of others.

National Anarchists believe that people of European descent have a unique role to play in decreasing totalitarian capitalism and globalization of authoritarian structures in our society, as much if not more so as other people do in their own countries.

The importance of this revolutionary role has increased to a critical state as the ruling class immigrates white people into non-existence in the traditional homelands of the European phenotype.

National Anarchists are students of the successes and failures of identity politics throughout history. The study* of what has worked in the past and what is not working in the present reveals itself when applying the metapolitical perspective of history.

One approach referred to applying these lessons was wrote about by Michael O'Meara** as "archeofuturism" where the emphasis on an "immemorial" memory of a collective past is distinguished differently from the memory of others provides the basis of forming an ethnic community. In America it is primarily blacks and Hispanics who have their own metahistorical interpretation of the past (however so-called Native Americans have a varied and unique metahistorical narrative as well). This is a task National Anarchists take upon themselves to reawaken in European descended people.

This existential connection with the tribal, decentralized, and primordial past is what differentiates National Anarchist raison d'etre (reason for being) from postmodern neo-Nazism and National Socialism as conceived of in it's classical form.

This fundamental differences in perceiving time, culture, race, and people is what differentiates National Anarchism and National Socialism which signals a complete and radical break from the trappings of 20th century street theatre that has wasted the best intentions and sacrifices of European activists across four generations.

Because of this we are able to work with people of different ethnicities, sexualities, and political agendas in a way that will culture jam the European community out of their comfort zone and into the role of a revolutionary agent the ruling class will fear and demonize. We will do this by divesting from the economic, social, and political power structures of our country and catalyst the failures that will allow us to pick up the pieces of a ruling class that has overstayed it's welcome.

* The prototype of which can be read in the essays of Troy Southgate's book Tradition and Revolution
** New Culture New Right Michael O'Meara Archeofuturism Chapter V

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thoughts on Nihilism

De Sade said: "Nihilists, one more effort if you would become revolutionaries!"

I say:
"Revolutionaries, one more effort if you would become nihilists!"

Is the concept the same for people who say "nee-yil-ist" and "nie-yil-ist"?

What if you called it "David Grahams"?

"Nihilism to me is the removal of all preconception and emotional response to objects and events in reality; another method of doing this is to focus only on what is, through a logical chain of events which one can observe or derive, "real." It is a very simple philosophy. Nietzsche differentiated between active and passive nihilism, and I would have to say mine is of the active kind; it is not a passive nihilism, which is a shrugging statement that "nothing has any value" and a consequent loss of preference for achievement over degeneration, honor over convenience, etc. I think we see passive nihilism in both Judeo-Christian religions and global consumer society.

In my personal life, Nihilism means that I worry less about what others think and more about what I want to achieve. It means that I let taboo and morality and social fear fall by the wayside in my quest for truth. It means that I recognize life outside the boundaries of my own mortality, and my own existence. It means that I can stop fearing nature, and can embrace it, "warts and all," as they say, for how it functions and the ongoing beauty it produces, in which is much horror. I see nihilism ultimately as a way to gain intelligence by gaining a power of concentration unavailable to others, and for me, it means a loss of the neurosis, hysteria, fear and advertising/television-induced mental stupor in which most exist."
- Spinoza Ray Prozak

Nihilism is not just scientific atheism. Scientism requires faith - in the unassailable power of measurement to determine the nature of reality. The human mind can only comprehend so much - infinity is impossible to grasp. The mind needs limits. However, absolute finity is also impossible to grasp - where there is a limit, there has to be something behind it. Measurement, too, has it's limits.

"Nihilists! Fuck me. I mean, say what you like about the tenets of National Socialism, Dude, at least it's an ethos."
-Walter Sobchak, The Big Lebowski

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tous des cochons

À son sujet, le philosophe Michel Onfray parle d’oxymore. Il n’a pas tort.


Pour Delvoye, tout cela est une métaphore de notre monde capitaliste : comme le cochon qui grossit à vue d’oeil et ne cesse de s’empiffrer, nous voulons toujours consommer plus. Ainsi, dans un geste très dadaïste, Delvoye vend son art bizarre à quelques « investisseurs » qui parient sur sa future place dans l’histoire de l’art. Paradoxe : il dénonce un système qu’il utilise à merveille. Se moque-t-il de ceux qui tombent dans le piège? Va savoir. En tout cas, lui, il est végétarien et ne fume que de l’herbe. Celle qui pousse dans la cour de son atelier, sous le regard attentif de cochons empaillés.

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