Monday, October 8, 2007

Man being a social animal, incapable of living in a solitary state, it has been necessary for men to band together and to congregate in cities, fortified places or towns, and to hold meetings to provide for their mutual needs. And in order that they should understand one another in these meetings, Nature has invented, and given to them, language and speech for each to express his particular need to others. Moreover, every community of men is ordered to a particular end, which it may reach by diverse means. There is a need for some body to direct and rule the others, since every people and place, to attain its natural good, needs government. Such governments are various, differing in diverse ways. Some are ruled by a single head, some by many people, some by the entire population together. The rule and government of a single head, provided that head is good, is the best, or most desirable form of all governments, and is the most conducive to unity. And this is the reason: because there is great difficulty in reducing to unity the great together with the small, and where virtue is more unified it has greater strength; and because it is easier to realise unity in a single leader than in several. Rule by one is, therefore, better than rule by many, so long as he who governs is good. But when such a ruler is bad, this is the worst form of government, the very opposite of the best. And therefore a variety of governments have been invented, according to the diversity of people and places.

Hieronymus Savonarola
[Sermon XIII On Haggai, Delivered 14 December, Advent 1494]

Friday, October 5, 2007

Indigenous Struggle

Marcos is gay in San Francisco, black in South Africa, an Asian in Europe, a Chicano in San Ysidro, an anarchist in Spain, a Palestinian in Israel, a Mayan Indian in the streets of San Cristobal, a gang member in Neza, a rocker in the National University, a Jew in Germany, an ombudsman in the Defense Ministry, a communist in the post-Cold War era, an artist without gallery or portfolio.... A pacifist in Bosnia, a housewife alone on Saturday night in any neighborhood in any city in Mexico, a striker in the CTM, a reporter writing filler stories for the back pages, a single woman on the subway at 10 pm, a peasant without land, an unemployed worker... an unhappy student, a dissident amid free market economics, a writer without books or readers, and, of course, a Zapatista in the mountains of southeast Mexico. So Marcos is a human being, any human being, in this world. Marcos is all the exploited, marginalized and oppressed minorities, resisting and saying, 'Enough'!

Subcomandante Marcos

These sentences from 1994 are one of the best known quotes of Zapatista key figure Subcomandante Marcos. Surely, he has to be a retarted homosexual as per the Mexican media's storm after these words. Being the biggest abnormality for the mass society, in duplex aberration - a gay revolutionary - it is a certain sign of insanity. The XXI. century is the dust bin of world history, all ideas of the IXX. century are recycled and fed to the audience by nihilist enlightement staging sermons of democracy.

Equality would never deny the diversity of minds, but post modern tolerance is levelling peoples to ensure economic control. Buy and be free, consume and be a better human being. Eat shit and die happy.

ZAPAGRINGO: Zapatismo and Queer Struggles

Aus dem "Zwiegespräch über die Wahrheit der Prophetie"

: Muss nun aber nach dem Zeugnisse der Schrift nicht auch der Antichrist auftreten, welcher wider die Heiligen aufs grausamste wüten wird?
Thoralmed: Allerdings, doch meinen manche, er sei schon erschienen.
Hieronymus: Wer soll es denn sein?
Thoralmed: Mohammed.
Hieronymus: Da täuschen sie sich ebenso, wie man zur Zeit der Apostel den Kaiser Nero für den Antichrist hielt... Wer könnte glauben, der Antichrist, vor dessen Verführungskünsten so viele Schriften warnen, sei zwar erschienen, aber der ganzen Christenheit verborgen geblieben?... Wenn wir nun mit Recht glauben, er werde erst kommen, so müssen wir auch auf die furchtbarsten Verheerungen von ihm gefasst sein, denn es heisst: "Dann werden grosse Drangsale herrschen, wie sie seit Weltbeginn nicht waren noch sein werden" usw. (Matth. 24, 21)
Thoralmed: Das kann niemand bestreiten.
Hieronymus: Wo werden diese Verfolgungen nun wohl statthaben?
Thoralmed: Im Lande der Verheissung, näherhin in Jerusalem.
Hieronymus: ...Dann müssen wir aber auch zugeben, dass es da in jener Zeit Christen geben wird, und zwar solche, welche imstande sind, dem Antichrist zu trotzen und seine furchtbaren Bedrückungen tapfer auszuhalten.
Thoralmed: Gewiss.
Hieronymus: Der Schrift zufolge muss also die Kirche dort zuerst Wurzeln schlagen und dann das Evangelium auf der ganzen Welt verkündet werden.

Hieronymus Savonarola
[Auswahl aus seinen Schriften und Predigten, in deutscher Übersetzung von Jos. Schnitzler, Eugen Diederichs, Jena 1928]

Thursday, October 4, 2007


There is no other impression than the things evolving into desiderata. Further supression of outbreaks will not be tolerated by the masses. Early voices have sung the dawning day before the morning had descended. Trial and perfection are the tools of masons, and they will teach the golden times for us unless anyone will reckon the values of yesterday.

Damn the preacher, damn the way, the road is is far to wide for all of us to go down. Holyness will find itself untouched in the ambushes of believers.